The Money Laundering Act imposes on investment firms a duty to prevent and detect transactions associated with proceeds of crime or associated with acts of terrorism. The act imposes a number of obligations which investment firms are required to adhere to. Among these are obligations to ascertain the identity of clients, to keep records of client-information (including copies of relevant documents) and to make enquires and report to the authorities where transactions associated with the proceeds of crime or acts of terrorism are suspected. Further, investment firms are required to apply the client due diligence measures based on an assessment of the risk of money laundering or financing of terrorism in each individual case. Fearnley Securities is therefore subject to a statutory requirement to gather information and supporting documentation with respect to the identity of our clients and the purpose and intended nature of the client relationship. Until this process has been completed, we are not allowed to offer our services.

This client agreement shall, inter alia, ensure that Fearnley Securities AS receives sufficient information and documentation from the client.

The information below will be recorded in our client register. The information will be treated as confidential and in accordance with prevailing laws and regulations. Personal data can, when required by law, be disclosed to public authorities.

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